University Researchers launch business service

Doctoral researchers from the University of Nottingham have launched a new venture designed to benefit local businesses.

Nectimus is a postgraduate consultancy which channels the expertise of the university’s postgraduate community to the benefit of medium-sized enterprises. We have access to a network of high-calibre researchers who are able to work on short- and medium-length projects for regional businesses. We utilise a core group of consultants who act as a direct link between local businesses and the University’s research community, leading bespoke teams of doctoral researchers to address a business’s individual needs.

Clients benefit from cutting-edge research, whilst the research community benefits from the experience gained through contact with external businesses, including increased employability, and the establishment of professional networks. Our offer differs depending upon the individual business needs, but the diversity of the University’s research areas means that we can provide a comprehensive range of services. The large pool of postgraduate researchers allows us to offer interdisciplinary services across research areas, and to react quickly to a client’s changing needs.

For further further details please contact Sam Wilkinson