The Future of Food Surplus, Food Waste, and New Models of Social Eating

Hosted by the Nottingham University Business School – 20 June 2019


Food waste is a pernicious social problem. In the UK for instance, the largest contribution to food waste comes from homes: 8.3 million tonnes per year, which costs consumers £12 billion and contributes to approximately 3% of UK greenhouse gas emissions (Quested et al., 2011). Yet despite the enormous amount of food binned daily by business and society alike food poverty remains a chronic issue. Charitable foodbank use in the UK has risen rapidly over the past two decades (Lansley & Mack 2015). If these issues are ever be eradicated consumers, businesses, charities, and government will all need to play a part in creating an alternative food future. The growing demand for alternative food provision has spawned many initiatives which reimagine how food is commoditised and distributed through supply chains.

This free inaugural symposium will bring stakeholders across business and society to discuss food waste success stories and map out the possibility of future collaboration across sectors. Keynote presentations will be given by leading thinkers from a range of companies, charities, government, and grassroots movements.

The venue

Business School South, University of Nottingham, Jubilee Campus, NG8 1DH

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