Sue Pringle | millie lingerie

Member spotlight

Since it was established 10 years ago, The Ingenuity Network has grown into a thriving community of over 1800 individuals. Here, we’ll be featuring examples of how some of those individuals have benefited from working with The University of Nottingham. This month our featured member is Sue Pringle of millie lingerie.

Sue is the founder of millie lingerie. She has been treated successfully for breast cancer twice, and is making a business opportunity from “being a grump” about the lack of comfortable stylish lingerie.

millie lingerie is a startup business, designing a wardrobe of bras for women to wear after breast cancer treatment. They have developed their first bra design, which was launched via a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in March 2017, ahead of launching their debut collection later in 2017.

Sue gave an insight into the positive experiences she has had as part of the Ingenuity Network, as well as the benefits it has had on her business:

“I’ve been part of the Ingenuity Network for around 4 years now and have attended many breakfast events and workshops during this time. The first one I can remember was the Future Gazing session on 3D printing, which really got me thinking about additive manufacturing, and how it could be applied to product design of breast prostheses.

For me, the Ingenuity Network is a great way to take a small step back, and give myself time and space to think about creativity and innovation. I enjoy relaxing back into my chair and letting my thoughts wander off to explore possibilities they’ve not considered before, whether it’s a ‘wake up call’ from Professor Bob Berry on managing cashflow, or gazing into the unknown with Chris Barnatt. I love it all!

Apart from attending the breakfast events, I have joined some of the finance workshops, which have been of a very high calibre. I have met and made friends with other business owners, informally over the excellent breakfasts, and built up my network of local business people.

I feel part of something with the Ingenuity Network, which is invaluable for an early stage business with an initial team of one. The Network welcomes all entrepreneurs, established and startup, and I really enjoy the exchange of ideas that easily unfold at any of the events I attend. They are always thought provoking, and immensely enjoyable.

I would say to any business owner considering joining the Ingenuity Network: ‘Go!’ Be there, or be square, they’re too good to miss. I have brought quite a few of my friends and contacts along with me, even my daughter once! Great bacon too…”

Millie lingerie can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Sue Pringle can be contacted by email.

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