Star Wars, Storyworlds and Customer Engagement

On Thursday 25th February the Ingenuity Network was dazzled by the bright lights of the screen industries, as Dr Liz Evans, Assistant Professor in Film and Television Studies, hosted a workshop on Defining Your Customers’ Engagement With Your Business.


Based on Liz’s research into how film and television content works to engage audiences, the workshop looked at the difference between creating a ‘storyline’ (a primary transaction between you and your customer) and a ‘storyworld’ (a much more holistic customer experience).

Star Wars provided a great example of a film franchise that has managed to engage its fans in a storyworld that goes way beyond the core transaction of watching the movie. Star Wars fans love talking about the movies with their friends, tweeting about the movies, buying merchandise and even creating fan-art!

Liz put us through our paces with a series of tasks that enabled us to identify all the various ways our customers engage with our businesses. Through her three-stage model, we categorised these into:

  • The type of engagement: whether it is immersive, interactive or intra-active
  • The form of engagement: an emotional, intellectual or physical response
  • The value of the engagement, or the ‘sacrifice’ required by the customer: whether it is economic, an investment of their time or something that requires their attention

Liz highlighted that by better understanding how these factors are connected, we can identify moments at which our customers might disengage and try to mitigate against this.

Our thanks go to Liz for sharing her research with us and for delivering a very ‘engaging’ workshop – the Force is strong with this one!