Spreadable Marketing skills shared over breakfast

Ingenuity KnowledgeXchange breakfast networkingThe Ingenuity KnowledgeXchange ‘Spreadable Marketing’ event brought 70 business leaders and marketeers to the room for a lively and engaging session that included some great advice and tips for creating video that the audience will want to share.

Professor Paul Grainge and Dr Cathy Johnson from the Department of Culture, Film and Media opened the session by speaking about their work with the companies responsible for the Bond franchise PR and the BBC’s hippo ident amongst others.  Using excellent examples they explained the importance of creating something that motivates people to find it, in a marketing environment that is moving swiftly towards digital. The ‘Will It Blend?’ video was a particular favourite amongst the audience and definitely worth a look!

20160412_081233James Bryant , Video Strategy Director of Skeleton, then went on to provide insights as to what engages, inspires and compels people to act.

Presentations were followed by a lively question and answers session and more networking, with the event being very well received and generating excellent feedback.

Delegates said:

“A positive and helpful introduction to Ingenuity for one as I embark on fostering new contacts due to a career development. Clear presentation without gimmicks.”

“I found it really forward thinking. The presentation was incredible; using video broke the routine of a normal presentation.”

If you enjoyed this event or are interested in the topic Paul and Cathy are running a more in-depth workshop on 9th June:

Engaging customers, clients and suppliers with ‘spreadable marketing’