Spreadable marketing skills shared

Spreadable Marketing WorkshopWe’ve been working hard to make University of Nottingham expertise available to businesses and on 9th June an enthusiastic group of local businesses met for a workshop led by Dr Cathy Johnson and Professor Paul Grainge from the Department of Culture, Film and Media.

Cathy and Paul drew on their research and academic work to share  practical ways in which SMEs can harness the potential of spreadable marketing with particular reference to video. The workshop explored the ‘six principles of spreadable marketing’ with the aim of capturing the attention of customers, clients and suppliers to turn them into powerful advocates for a business.

Plenty of practical work and demonstrations from the two engaging presenters was followed by a networking lunch.

Delegates said:

“I really enjoyed your workshop. Very engaging presenters. Thought provoking with plenty of practical exercises. Thank you!”

“Everything about the workshop was interesting and thought-provoking. It has left me with several ideas to follow up.”

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