TG Physiotherapy Care

“Our Vision is to raise the profile of and to promote the benefits of all aspects of Physiotherapy by improving the nation’s health”

TG Physiotherapy Care is a community focused Physiotherapy Practice that has a well-informed, empowered and committed client base at its core. We believe that everyone has the right to access affordable healthcare services, seamlessly delivered to the highest standard of care. Our business and professional reputation is built upon our clients’ trust, and what they believe to be true about our clinical skills, experience, competencies and values. We are proud to have achieved 100% client retention with consistent onward word-of-mouth referral to friends and family.

We specialise in assessing, treating and managing adult neuromusculoskeletal (MSK) conditions and sports injury rehabilitation. Our experience allows us to address a multiple of complaints, including sport and work-related injuries. We also rehabilitate and manage:
• Patients with back pain so that surgery is no longer an option
• Clients after major physical trauma; regaining their physical strength, balance, confidence and independence
• Clients’ full return to work and sporting activities following (necessary) surgery
• Athletes to achieve their personal best during their sporting ambitions
• People to be pain-free for as long as possible with their current lifestyle demands

The longer we have been in clinical practice, the more complex patients with multiple complaints we see. This is why we always keep up to date and turn to current research for guidance so that we can focus on patient centred care. We aim to create a memorable experience for all our clients so that they feel recognised and valued.

We use an integrated approach to treatment, incorporating electrotherapy, hands-on physiotherapy techniques, Western Medical Acupuncture (WMA) and in-house Exercise and Rehabilitation.

The Sole Proprietor of TG Physiotherapy Care is Tripti Gyan.

Here is some background for Tripti:
Tripti R A Gyan completed her BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, and MSc in Physiotherapy at Coventry University in the UK. She is a Chartered and HCPC Registered Physiotherapist, Clinical Educator and Conference Speaker. She has over 19 years’ clinical experience, including 12 years in private practice. She was a member of the Physiotherapy Team at the London 2012 Olympic Games, the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Scotland, and is hoping to be part of the 2016 Medical Team at the Rio 2016 Olympics. She is committed to raising the profile of the Physiotherapy profession, and enjoys collaborating with her international colleagues.