Tank has made its name creating exceptional media profiles that achieve results for clients, way beyond coverage. We’ve grown massively year on year, our strategic, story-led PR bringing home accolades, and attracting expert talent and brand names along the way.

We know that we should only write what someone is willing to read, publish or share. So we’re really just old-fashioned storytellers at the very sharp end of digital marketing.

Our clients are national and international, but more than that they’re dynamic and demanding, which is how we like it. They depend on us to give them strategic combinations of PR, social media, SEO, digital PR and the access to our networks that helps them to smash their business targets.

Tank is made up of PR consultants, marketers, technical types and the odd misfit. We think that this is what a good agency should look like.

When our clients walk into a room, people know who they are. This is because they’re talked about, read about, introduced, optimised, shared, liked and best of all, flying off the shelves. This is what an exceptional media profile looks like, and this is what we offer.

Working across on and offline media we use PR to support clients’ sales and marketing campaigns, help them speak to specific audiences, change perceptions of their organisations and if required, lessen the impact of a crisis.
Social Media

Pound for pound we have one of the best social media offerings in the UK, and our team has handled successful campaigns since 2007 – not something everyone can say. We handle social media for clients in one of two ways. Either we design and run social media campaigns for them, or we train their teams to do it themselves.

Digital PR & SEO

Google and other search engines respond best to the strongest content. As a PR agency, we are filled to the brim with the wonderful story-led content that we create for clients, and this is why search engines love our clients’ campaigns.

Just a few of the dynamic brands we have worked with:
Red Bull; Carphone Warehouse; Miller Homes; Hilary Devey’s Pall-Ex; Ikano Bank; Shipstone’s and Belvoir Castle.