T Bailey Asset Management Ltd

T Bailey are privately owned, independent and focused on preserving and growing the wealth of our investors.

We invest your money into globally diversified portfolios of funds, which are compiled by our expert investment team.

Our job is to then identify and overseeĀ skilled and resourceful high conviction managers, who have the skill and resources to produce the strongest returns consistently in their chosen market or investment theme.

Our team then make asset allocation decisions about the level of exposure to individual markets and investment themes. They then identify where the best risk-adjusted opportunities lie. Using a fund of funds approach provides significant benefits for our investors in achieving their investment objectives.

We understand our clients are less concerned about performance relative to market indices, and more interested in preserving and growing your wealth on their terms. Therefore, we measure our investment returns against inflation as well as our peers.

The key benefits that we provide to our clients, through our style of asset management, is tax efficiency, expertly constructed portfolios that are actively managed to achieve the objectives of our investors. We also provide risk management through diversification and consistently targeted, outcome focused returns for our investors.