Speak Confidently

Often overlooked is the ability of managers and their teams to speak more confidently in all areas of business. Whether they are dealing with prospective customers, building strong team relationships, delivering outstanding customer service, competing for work, networking in the community or presenting at formal events.  The development of vocal skills is an essential part of each individual’s performance, building self-confidence and eloquence that will benefit their representation of their company, making them stand out from the crowd.

Anne Abba

I have been teaching people how to communicate for over 25 years. I specialise in the voice, body language and overcoming nerves. My business is focused on training people to be confident about standing up and speaking in all manner of work situations and at more formal events. I have developed a series of workshops and seminars that can help overcome the barriers to good presentations.

My interactive training helps to develop each individual’s confidence and speaking skills – so that you are the person people will go to for their business as you speak with integrity and passion With the practical workshops, participants will develop strategies that will lessen the fear and pain of speaking in public. This, in turn, will reduce the risk of delivering a poor presentation.

Communications will be more productive, more effective, and more efficient.

The benefits of being able to speak confidently are:

  • Higher profile communications
  • Energised and more confident executives
  • A public image that will have more impact than your competitors.

Speak Confidently