Performance Networks

Performance Networks is a specialist WiFi consultancy with an uncompromising commitment to maximising the performance of our clients’ WiFi networks, without exposure to risk. Transforming WiFi networks from potential organisational liabilities into significant assets.

We partner with all leading WiFi infrastructure providers and offer a genuinely product agnostic approach. Our focus is to ensure clients have secure, reliable, high-performance WiFi networks that excel for them and their clients. Based in Nottingham and London we service and support organisations of all sizes across the UK and internationally.

Our portfolio of services comprises:

  • Consult – a thorough survey of our clients’ WiFi needs including extensive analysis of any existing WiFi network, using specialist tools and techniques, to produce a comprehensive summary of our recommendations.
  • Implement – the application of our recommendations to guarantee a WiFi network of the required capability, ranging from enhancements to existing infrastructure to complete new network design.
  • Manage – a comprehensive portfolio of 24/7 support and monitoring services designed to ensure clients’ WiFi networks continue to consistently deliver the desired performance.
  • Enhance – regular comprehensive reviews to ensure clients’ WiFi networks remain capable of handling ever-increasing demands, as well as the introduction of applications to increase the value the WiFi network provides.