Paguro Limited

We offer a range of innovative and design-led accessories, all of which are made using repurposed and recycled materials.
We wholesale and retail a range of bags, stationary, jewellery and other accessories for men, women and children. For companies who are looking for durable and ethically produced corporate gifts, we also provide a customisation service.

The individuality of the materials, their imaginative use and the exquisite finishing of every item sets our products apart in the accessories market. The items are sure to change people’s perceptions of what can be achieved with apparently ‘waste’ materials.

UK consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the provenance of their purchases. They are concerned by the environmental impact of the manufacturing and the social conditions in which their products are made. We do not just offer exciting and innovative products, but also the chance to associate with two brands who have demonstrated their commitment to environmental and social concerns.

Every item in the range is handcrafted and finished to the highest standard. Every effort is made to ensure that the items are produced and distributed in a socially responsible and environmentally conscious manner.