Make Hay

Make Hay designs, builds and hosts websites for ethical businesses, organisations and charities. Motivated by working on positive projects, Make Hay won’t build websites for organisations that exploit people, animals or the natural world.

It’s been reported that the running of datacentres and cloud computing by fossil fuels is the largest global contributor to carbon emissions, second only to the aviation industry. Part of Make Hay’s unique offering, is that the company’s web hosting service is powered by renewable energy from UK wind farms which means clients’ websites are kind to the environment. There’s also flexibility in what they offer, as customers can use the company’s web hosting independently or in conjunction with its web design services.

As well as selling web and hosting services to responsible and positive businesses, Make Hay uses a renewable electricity provider to power its office base and works with suppliers with positive eco credentials. It also uses high quality, energy efficient computer equipment and recycles paper, equipment and e-waste wherever possible. Because of its ethical stance, Make Hay has attracted clients from around the world who are involved in all kinds of amazing work, from conservation and education to ethical fashion and technology, and all things in between.