Jacob Bailey

At Jacob Bailey we’re often asked what we do.

The answer is simple. We improve our clients’ P&L and positioning.


By Connecting Relevance through DATA, TECHNOLOGY and CREATIVITY.

And the reason why?

Because we’re all about creating Brilliant Experiences…with a little bit of magic.

We know that results on your P&L are what really count and that your positioning, whether at the organisational or product/service level, impacts revenue.

We also know that the minute you stop measuring is the minute your business stops improving. Businesses have to become more intelligent over time, with a genuine understanding of what is driving their P&L and positioning.

We need insight.

By asking the right questions we identify the data that will make a real impact and has real business value, rather than simply valuing the data you have. For us it’s about big answers, not about big data.

We harness innovative technology to bring your brand closer to your audience while enhancing the experience – an opportunity missed by many businesses. As is producing strategically guided creative ideas.

The Jacob Bailey Group. An independent, international and award winning Creative Business Services Agency with offices in London, Suffolk, Nottingham and New York. Connecting Relevance through Data, Technology and Creativity to create Brilliant Experiences.

Let’s do something brilliant together.