GreatBeanBags™ is a British manufacturing business based in the East Midlands. As opposed to importing or outsourcing the manufacturing of their bean bags, all of their products are produced from their bean bag factory in Nottingham. Using CAM and CAD technology to design their bean bags, Great Bean Bags™ can visualise how the finished product will look prior to manufacturing it. This allows them to introduce creative talent within the product process, to facilitate their ability to produce aesthetically designed, market-leading products.

When an order is received, their bean bags are then handmade to order. This is made possible by a team of stitchers who quality check the bean bags throughout the manufacturing process. Having the in-house team ensures that no poor quality bean bags slip through the net.

Great Bean Bags™ also cater to the B2B market. The company’s creativity has led to some great industry case studies to emerge. This includes working with the likes of Lego, Vans, and Carlsberg, as well as television networks like the ITV and the television show, Big Brother. In addition to this, they can offer every customer a fantastic range of bean bag products, these include sofa beds, pet beds, chairs, educational furnishing, and outdoor bean bags.

Operating as a small eCommerce businesses has many advantages. Customers can have a personal contact with the staff, meaning that, if a customer would like to speak to a member of staff for any reason, they are able to and any problems can be promptly addressed.

GreatBeanBags™ were included in 2016’s Top 100 manufacturers for their innovative and pioneering approach to textiles manufacturing in the UK. Being a recognised manufacturer and retailer allows GreatBeanBags™ to excel in the quality of both their service and their products. This is echos through the company’s turnover in 2016 which reached a record-breaking £1.2 million.

Entering 2017, even further growth is forecasted with the team now consisting of 18 in-house textile manufacturers.