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Why blockchains?

The significance of blockchain is not immediately understandable, but at its core is a technology that will radically alter the way we communicate with each other and online services. This technology means it is actually possible to perform instantaneous, free and irreversible communications and trades with anyone in the world right now, today.

Some of the benefits can be realised by reviewing these few simple blockchain facts

  1. You never have to enter your password on the blockchain, so it is much safer. It’s safe the same way posting a cheque through the mail is saf
  2. You never have to reveal your identity other than a 12 character account You can even have a different account for each service if you want to be really private.
  3. Public blockchains are not owned or controlled by any one person, there is no CEO or organisational centre that a government can shut
  4. records can NEVER be edited, hidden or deleted once they have been
  5. Programs can run on the blockchain forever with no owner, like https:/ the new free daily crypto currency available to everyon It is a gift that will last forever.
  6. Third generation blockchains like EOS & Telos are built on the open source EOSIO softwar They have instant and free transactions. Read that again! Instant transactions anywhere in the world. Free. If I send you $100 on Telos, you‘ve got $100 as soon as i send the transaction.
  7. Blockchain currencies like EOS & TLOS come into existence (i.e. are ‘Minted’) through an annual inflation paid to the block producers there is no other way to create the new currenc This demonstrates an alternative economic model to the current debt based monetary system which is being debased by quantitative easing and is no longer backed by gold.


These are just some of the reasons why the global blockchain community is growing so quickly.

All over the world there are new pockets of people waking up to the potential of blockchain and joining these communities and forming into what is almost becoming a revolution.

Like the internet the blockchain is going to affect everything we do, from money to voting and everything in between. Buying and selling can be performed person to person redefining what money and trust actually mean.

Through decentralisation and the use of instantaneous irreversible transactions we can create highly efficient, open and global systems, that also work at a local level.

Humanity now has the opportunity to become much more economical in everything we do and potentially remove huge swathes of ineffective bureaucracy and intermediaries. Whilst these intermediaries were needed in the past, modern day systems which are instantaneous mean these intermediaries will now be surplus to requirements in many cases.

The same way the internet has completely transformed every aspect of our lives, so will blockchain and even more dramatically so. Now is the time to get ready by securing your position in the new decentralised blockchain world and with our help you can even contribute to the blockchain space and emerge as a leading supporter of the technology for your industry.

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