AdamsonJones offers effective intellectual property (IP) services, providing considerable legal and technical expertise alongside commercially-focused advice and protection.

Our team of patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys are able to obtain IP rights (patents, registered trade marks and registered designs) in any country of the world, and provide associated advice regarding your freedom to operate in those countries. We also assist in managing and maximizing the value of our clients’ IP portfolios, allowing them to use IP to achieve their wider commercial goals, whether this relates to exit, licensing, generating investment or other commercial opportunities.

Please click on the links below to view our short videos, which address some of the most frequently asked questions about intellectual property:

I have an idea I’d like to protect

Is IP relevant for my business?

I’ve received a cease and desist letter and don’t know what to do now

I’m collaborating with someone, who owns the IP?

AdamsonJones has produced a series of IP Toolkits to help companies think about IP throughout the various stages of the research and new product design processes. Please click on the links below to view these Toolkits.

IP Toolkit for Product Design: Medical Devices

IP Toolkit for Product Design: Engineering

IP Toolkit for Research & Development: Pharmaceuticals

And lastly, our attorneys are keen to speak at events discussing topics relating to IP. Perhaps we could discuss the possibility of helping out at such an event in the near future. Would it be yourself that I would need to contact about this?