Financial Services

Buttercross Financial Planning

Buttercross Financial Planning was established when Adrian Wright joined St. James’s Place Wealth Management in 2011. Prior to this, the Practice was operating as an IFA for nine years. With offices in Nottingham and Bingham, Buttercross Financial Planning are able to provide advice to clients across the East Midlands. We have committed to ensuring that our industry knowledge remains relevant and current by placing strong emphasis on our personal development. This, along with the pride and dedication that Buttercross Financial Planning places on developing solid personal relationships with our clients, ensures that we are able to offer a rounded, professional and principled service.  

Advanta Productions Limited

Why blockchains? The significance of blockchain is not immediately understandable, but at its core is a technology that will radically alter the way we communicate with each other and online services. This technology means it is actually possible to perform instantaneous, free and irreversible communications and trades with anyone in the world right now, today. Some of the benefits can be realised by reviewing these few simple blockchain facts You never have to enter your password on the blockchain, so it is much safer. It’s safe the same way posting a cheque through the mail is saf You never have to reveal your identity other than a 12 character account You can even have a different account for each service if you want to be really private. Public blockchains are not owned or controlled by any one person, there is no CEO or organisational centre that a government can shut records can NEVER be edited, hidden or deleted once they have been Programs can run on the blockchain forever with no owner, like https:/ the new free daily crypto currency available to everyon It is a gift that will last forever. Third generation blockchains like EOS & Telos are built on the open source EOSIO softwar They have instant and free transactions. Read that again! Instant transactions anywhere in the world. Free. If I send you $100 on Telos, you‘ve got $100 as soon as i send the transaction. Blockchain currencies like EOS & TLOS come into existence (i.e. […]

B2B Cashflow Solutions Ltd

B2B Cashflow Solutions Ltd is an award-winning Commercial Asset Finance Brokerage. We can arrange finance for any business acquiring any new or used asset through our ‘whole of market’ capability. We pride ourselves on our level of service and work hard to secure the best possible terms for our clients.   Since we established our business in 2006, our aim has been to differentiate ourselves in our market by developing a suite of products and services which can be offered on a ‘stand-alone’ basis, yet when combined, offer a ‘whole business cycle’ financial solution, identified through mutual co-operation with our clients, and delivered with expertise through our diverse network of finance partners’.