We are an energy management specialist team. Our prime objective is to reduce energy consumption and reduce carbon foot print, with minimum new investment. Our technical & commercial team will:- • Review your existing energy supply contracts • Log & analyses the business power use (when and how) • Review options to reduce power consumption on site • Forecast future power to match energy contracts How we do this :- Define… Clearly define the project scope with the customer Measure… Initial analysis, with first stage diagnostic Analyse… Data analysis and preparation of report with proposal of changes Implement… Client approval before execution of measure savings Control… Verification of results and continue monitoring to provide continues improvement

SASIE Limited

SASIE Limited (founded in 2006) started out as a renewable technology installation company. 8 Years on, installation is still an integral part of the business, but this small Nottingham company has branched out into a whole host of other areas with the aim of making the East Midlands (and the UK as a whole) a nicer, cleaner, greener and cheaper place to live. SASIE stands for Solar And Sustainable Installation Engineers. Accredited in all six MCS recognised technologies, SASIE has developed, not only its own easy-to-use control and monitoring system for use with a huge range of systems (both domestic and commercial), but also a “turn-key system” philosophy which can be seen in any of our installations. Our SASIE specialists work closely with architects, consultants and end-clients to see a project from concept through to completion smoothly, without the need for other third parties for any renewable tech. Alongside renewable installation, SASIE now also supplies specialist-plumbing equipment (primarily for use in solar-thermal, ground and air-source heating systems), hot water storage units and premium solar collectors and heat pumps from IVT, Stiebel Eltron and Dimplex. Add to that a huge range of high-end training equipment, made to order by Christiani in Germany and designed specifically for training purposes in the renewable energy field.