Pitch to Rich – Clearview Med UK Ltd

A Nottingham start up business is in the running to pitch to Richard Branson in the ‘Pitch to Rich’ 2015 competition and they need your help! Clearview Med UK Ltd need your votes in order to qualify for the next stage of the competition.

By voting for Clearview Med UK we could help keep them in the contest to secure vital early stage funding as well as shining the spot light on Nottingham’s vibrant small business community. Voting for the qualifying stage closes at 5pm on Wednesday 20th May and every vote counts, so please don’t delay in supporting this great local start up!

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To enable your child achieve the best sight. A unique mobile application that is interactive, easy and fun bridging the family with the school to support and achieve the best possible sight, for life.

It’s an emotional, physical, psychological journey treating your child’s sight. The condition, lazy eye is poor vision (amblyopia) treated only in the early years and effects 3%-5% of children. Treating your young child, at home, can be distressing and some parents give up. Working with the nursery/school can be challenging. If left untreated, vision remains reduced for life.

With our mobile app, we’re supporting therapy working with parents, schools and the community. The platform is child-centred and records visual progression at home/school or anywhere, giving you peace of mind during therapy. Its listening to you and making your child feel like they are the ‘hero’ of their own treatment. This interactive product with a participative approach is fun and works throughout their journey. The potential is huge and the benefits are endless. Winning would allow us to further improve and launch the product. It will give us the advantage and exposure to make a strong entry nationally and globally. Please vote for us. The window to treat is short. You cannot put a price on your child’s vision; it is their birthright. Enable us to enable them reach their full potential for life.

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