Performance anxiety, Twitter and robots – a bumper month for Ingenuity events!

We’ve been working hard here at Ingenuity HQ to provide local businesses with access to some of the fantastic expertise here at the University of Nottingham. With such a broad range of research going on at the University, there really is a wealth of knowledge that we can tap into to help local businesses innovate and grow.

Members of The Ingenuity Network will know that one of the main ways we try to share our academic knowledge is through our programme of Ingenuity breakfast events and workshops and September has certainly been a bumper month. We were delighted to welcome two new speakers to the Ingenuity programme as well as one familiar face.

Taking control of performance anxiety

Our first new face was Dr Xenia Pestova, Director of Performance in the University’s Department of Music. At first glance, one might question how a musician’s research could be applied in business, but Xenia’s fantastic session on ‘Wellness in the Workplace’ equipped us with so many practical tools and tips, the relevance couldn’t have been more obvious! Drawing on her experience in musical performance and public speaking, Xenia’s insights into relaxation exercises and improvisation techniques left us feeling better equipped to manage everyday workplace stress as well as high-stakes scenarios like presenting/pitching.

One delegate commented:

“I believe taking the time to implement these exercises would drastically improve my productivity and focus, particularly in the morning when I find it hard to get motivated. With little effort and making small changes such as these I find it less overwhelming and more manageable.”

Building your personal brand through social media

Our second new face was Dr Chris James Carter, Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the Haydn Green Institute, Nottingham University Business School. Chris’s workshop on ‘Digital Personal Branding’ was a fascinating insight into how we can leverage our personal brand on social media to add value to our businesses. Chris guided us through a number of practical exercises, including the creation of our individual Personal Branding Statements and how to undertake a social media account inventory. He left us with the tools to develop our own digital personal branding strategy to establish ourselves online as leading experts, thinkers and “doers” in our relevant fields.

Delegates praised his “relevant, well organised, well presented, useful and practical tips“, with a number of people commenting on the great atmosphere and high level of audience engagement.

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on business

Our third event of the month saw the welcome return of our favourite professional futurist Chris Barnatt, this time looking at the Impact of AI on business. Chris’s presentations never disappoint and this was no exception, as he explored how artificial intelligence is set to impact upon our jobs and lives in the coming years.

As you might expect, robots featured, but even more interesting were Chris’s insights into the increasing numbers of customer service and professional jobs that will start to be automated and the changing skills requirements that the millenial workforce will face as a result.

You can follow Chris’s work on and and their associated YouTube channels.

And there’s more where that came from!

There are plenty more Ingenuity events coming up, providing more opportunities for local businesses to benefit from the brilliant research going on across the University, so do check out our events page for all the latest listings. We look forward to seeing you at future Ingenuity events!