Nottinghamshire Economic Development Capital Fund

Looking to expand your business?

Need funding for capital investment in land, buildings, new equipment and machinery?

The Nottinghamshire Economic Development Capital Fund could help support your business ambitions.

Devised by Nottinghamshire County Council to support small to medium sized businesses looking for capital investment, the Capital Fund offers grants from £20,000 upwards with the maximum amount dependant on the type of project, the location within the County and size of company applying.

In total, the Capital Fund is offering £3 million of funding over three years to:


The Council held a first call for applications in 2014 and a number of exciting projects have been approved to date. 5 awards have been made with a further 8 currently under-going assessment. Of those approved, the grant awarded totals £780,000 with around 80 jobs being created and a further 240 jobs being sustained.

We’re committed to supporting businesses based in Nottinghamshire who want to expand to bring new job opportunities to our county and we are now seeking fresh applications from January 2015.

From conversations with local entrepreneurs and feedback from our own research, we have identified a gap in the market for capital finance and the Fund aims to bridge this gap and help Nottinghamshire firms expand.

How to apply:
Information and application forms about the next opportunity to apply to the Capital Fund are available on our website at

How to find out more

If you have any questions about the Fund or the application process, please email