Nottingham University Business School Tackles Your Business Issues

ImageForWebAre you facing a challenge or issue in your business that’s preventing you from achieving the results you want? Do you want to grow your business, but don’t have the expertise or resources?

Nottingham University Business School is helping to solve real life business issues through its Work Based Projects scheme.

At Nottingham University Business School, we have over 300 high calibre full time postgraduate students studying business-related Masters Degrees. It is our mission to share this expertise. Our Work Based Projects scheme partners our students, along with an academic supervisor, with businesses that have genuine challenges they want to overcome.

Under the instruction of the business, our students undertake a research project over a 4 – 12 week period. This research will culminate in the presentation of a report. This report is then free for the business to keep and any ideas are free to implement.

It’s up to you to define the project, but areas of interest could include:

  • Marketing and branding
  • New product or market research
  • Finance
  • Becoming lean/improving business efficiency
  • Regulatory or legislative requirements

From our point of view, the experience helps our students to improve their employability skills through contact with real life businesses. From your point of view, the experience could help to provide some genuine solutions to your business challenges and connect you to some of the brightest graduate talent available.

The University of Nottingham was recently ranked in the top 1% of universities globally. We’re actively recruiting projects to begin next year, so if you have a real business issue that’s holding you back, this could be your opportunity to benefit from the expertise and resources of a truly world-leading university.

Contact us to find out more.