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Business and University collaboration

Additional ‘business-facing’ resources from our business and university collaboration that have the capability and capacity to work directly on an extensive range of challenges facing businesses.

The CAMERA is a specialist unit within the University’s Engineering department. They offer a range of technical expertise and cutting-edge equipment that can be used by businesses for advanced measurement for full field strain measurement, fluid flow and multiphase flow problems.

The ETC provide specialist consultancy for East Midlands-based SMEs on environmental matters, relating to their business. With the help of European ERDF funding, SMEs can access support in a variety of ways ranging from 2 – 5 days of consultancy assistance to the conception of a new collaborative project working with academics at the University.

The PMC and its commercial arm the Centre of Excellence in Customised Assembly (CECA) are world-class centres of research, delivering high-quality technology solutions to industry in a range of areas. Their provision of enhanced technologies in the areas of precision machining, adaptive fixturing, micro-fabrication & assembly, and system design & integration have allowed businesses to quickly capitalise on new knowledge and enhance their  competitive edge in their own fields.