Insights into evidence-based marketing

Edwin-Moriarty-170117WebOur first breakfast networking event of the year took place on Tuesday 17th January, and saw Edwin Moriarty of the University’s External Relations Team engage and entertain a packed room with thoughts on how to make your marketing activities work.

The first half of Edwin’s talk focussed on Behavioural Anticipation: understanding how people are likely to respond to your marketing communications. He outlined the Affect Heuristic, which causes people to use emotional reactions to make quick decisions. He also explained the Halo Effect, where if you get a positive impression of one aspect of a person or brand, you are more likely to get a positive impression of their other traits.

The second half of the talk was on Outcome Evaluation: determining whether or not your marketing efforts have been successful. Edwin outlined the concept of Split Testing, where you create variants of a single marketing resource and provide it to equal numbers of people, to see which gets the best response. He also described Single Variable Iteration, which involves regular changing of a single variable, such as the wording of a webpage title, to improve the communications over time.

Audience feedback was hugely positive, with many praising highly Edwin’s contribution – one commented that it was “on the podium of talks that I’ve seen at this event”. We thank Edwin profusely for such an enjoyable and insightful presentation – and for setting the bar so high for our breakfast programme this year!

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