Ingenuity Network in the News

In recent years the Ingenuity Network has grown rapidly and now has over 1800 named individuals who are in regular contact with the business facing activities of the University of Nottingham as well as the activities and interests of many of its members.

The network has also come to the attention of the European Academy for Taxes, Economics and Law – Ingenuity has been identified as an exemplar of how businesses, small and medium sized enterprises in particular, can engage with and derive benefit from connections with their local university.  At a recent conference in Berlin the history, development and benefits of the network were presented and discussed with representatives from 14 different EU states.

As you can see from the accompanying map ‘Ingenuity – the University of Nottingham’s local business network’ has spread well beyond the city region of Nottingham and we anticipate welcoming many more members from far and wide in the years to come.

Ingenuity Map - 2015