Hercules helps people get their message across

Hercules workshopClassics lecturers at The University of Nottingham have been working with the Ingenuity Network to help businesses understand how ancient stories of gods, heroes and monsters can help them to communicate successfully in the modern business world.

On Tuesday 22nd March, Dr Esther Eidinow and Dr Katharina Lorenz hosted a special workshop for 16 local companies titled The Business of Stories. With Esther, Katharina and Hercules as our guides, we journeyed through story structure, characters and defining story elements to understand how we can better tell the stories of our businesses.

Speaking about the programme they have developed for businesses, Esther Eidinow said, “It’s important that you think about and develop the character of the company that you want to project to your customers. As part of this, you need to consider the kinds of narratives that you want to tell about the work that you do, to highlight your achievements and the skills you can offer clients.”

Esther and Katharina’s workshop has therefore been designed to provide business leaders with the tools to explore:

  • The power of stories and the principles of story-telling
  • How people use stories to present their business
  • Strategies for developing, changing and improving the stories we tell

Through interactive sessions and lots of group activities, Katharina and Esther soon set us at ease and before we knew it the creative juices were flowing! We went away feeling inspired and excited to use our business stories to shape our business futures.

Here’s what some of our delegates had to say about the event:

“Thank you for an inspirational event and extremely worthwhile workshop.”
“Great content, knowledgeable tutors. A very pleasant day. I will do my homework so that my business story comes naturally. Thank you.”
“I loved it! I was very nervous beforehand but the atmosphere was friendly, welcoming and fun.”
“Having a new ‘toolkit’ that’s not the usual marketing-speak is a fresh new approach.”

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