Future Proofing your Business: How to Build a Long-term, Sustainable, Firm of the Future – Webinar – 9 June 2020

Ingenuity Breakfast Webinar – 9 June 2020

What if you could build a business that had a positive impact on people and the planet whilst also sustaining profit? That is the challenge for small business leaders today – and in light of the disruptive impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s a question that has never been more relevant.

Building a sustainable business isn’t just about your ‘green’ credentials – although that’s part of the story – it’s about building a company that can survive for the long haul. It’s about business continuity. Simply put, it’s about future proofing.

Consumers are placing an ever increasing value on buying from brands they believe are doing social and environmental good. And employees – particularly millennials – increasingly say they want to work for a purpose-led business. How then, can even the smallest of companies adapt its practices to make a difference and make a profit? And how can the kind of disruption we’re all currently experiencing actually be an opportunity and a catalyst for innovation?

Join us for this free webinar where we’ll explore how we can build sustainable small firms of the future.


Our Speakers


Dr Anne Touboulic

Associate Professor, Nottingham University Business School

Her interdisciplinary background in the social sciences means that her research and interests are inherently boundary-spanning. Her research has largely focused on investigating different facets of the sustainable development agenda and its implications for organisational practices, specifically to support the transition towards more sustainable production and consumption systems. Her approach to research is collaborative, forward-looking and critical, seeking to drive practice and make an impact for positive change. Anne has expertise in qualitative approaches including critical discourse analysis and engaged research, using a wide variety of methods such as reflective interviews and participatory workshops. She has worked with a range of stakeholders including large multinationals as well as small family businesses. Her recent research has primarily focused on the question of marginalised voices in global and local food systems, which includes different streams of work on the implications and limits of the corporate discourse on sustainability, on food deserts, and on rural communities and farmers. She is also developing an outreach agenda around reconnecting consumers to food and food producers.


Dr Jane Glover

Research Fellow, University of Birmingham

Jane has as an inter-disciplinary background and her research is embedded in practice seeking pragmatic outcomes that provide “real” benefits to the individuals or groups that are under investigation.  Jane has an extensive and principled commitment to “engaged” scholarship, where the concerns of practitioners are on a par with scholarly issues.  Her approach to ‘engaged scholarship’ focuses on co-creating knowledge, which is essential when seeking to solve ‘grand challenge’ problems.  Her research to date has focused on the future of sustainable food, with a particular interest in the role of small family firms in the agricultural sector and the wider food supply chain.



Helen Taylor

Sustainability Strategist and Founder and Managing Director of Hosta Consulting

Helen is an entrepreneur and experienced small business owner who started her business with a strong environmental ethos, which helped the business grow and successfully tender for public sector contracts. Helen has further developed her expertise in business and sustainability since completing her MBA and sees an opportunity for SME’s to start and grow in an environmentally responsible way with a low carbon strategy that embraces environmental sustainability.




The programme

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From a business? Sorry, but the Shop Window isn’t the time for a “60 second pitch”. Feedback from our network members tells us that our businesses want something different from Ingenuity. But it is your opportunity to do some research of your own: request volunteers for new product or service trials, ask if anyone has any recommendations for difficult-to-find suppliers, or simply share some news that the audience might not find out about otherwise.

From the University? If you have a business-facing project or want to work with local small and medium-sized businesses as part of your research, this is your opportunity to make contact with business owners. Our network members are already interested in what happens at the University and may be interested in participating with your initiative.

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