Employers bring learning alive for school students

Employer engagement is becoming part of the curriculum thanks to the Careers Inspiration programme. Funded by the National Careers Service, its aim is to bring learning alive by encouraging employers to work in partnership with schools, helping students to contextualise their learning by embedding industry experiences, careers and skills directly within curriculum subjects.

It’s hoped that the initiative will help to make the curriculum more relevant to industry while inspiring learners to utilise real life applications in a classroom environment. This hands-on experience would help students to make more relevant choices in their subjects providing them with the knowledge to make more informed employment and career decisions. Examples of how employers could engage within the classroom include creating an innovative marketing campaign for a product or service, through to developing a project around a technology e.g. 3D printing.

For industrial partners, not only would they be developing a talent pipeline for the future, they would also be promoting their brand and their corporate responsibility agenda.

If you are a business interested in bringing learning alive in your local East Midlands community, contact sheridan.chilvers@futuresadvice.co.uk for more information.

Futures: Advice and Skills, Nottingham