Elnaz Sedighara | Iran Sheen

Member spotlight

Since it was established 10 years ago, The Ingenuity Network has grown into a thriving community of over 1800 individuals. Here, we feature examples of how some of those individuals have benefited from working with The University of Nottingham. This month our featured member is Elnaz Sedighara of Iran Sheen.

Elnaz SedigharaElnaz Sedighara is the founder and director of Iran Sheen, the first UK online store to sell Iranian contemporary designs. Its womenswear and decorative home accessories are high quality and handmade. As Elnaz explains: ‘We work with talented Iranian designers to curate the best designs with Iranian influence and put them in our customers’ hands. We also aim to endorse skills and trades, and are working to ensure that we conduct a Fair Trade collaboration with all our designers.’

Iran Sheen’s core mission is of cultural exchange between Iran and the UK. The company is based in the Ingenuity Centre, on the University of Nottingham’s Innovation Park.

Elnaz shared her enthusiasm for the Ingenuity Network:

“We first connected with the University of Nottingham in 2012 through the Ingenuity Lab. Since then, we’ve been an active member and participant in the events that are conducted by The Ingenuity Network, connecting academia with business as a valuable resource to help our company grow.

Iran Sheen - Bird of HappinessIt’s been a longstanding relationship, and we continue to attend Ingenuity events as a way to make valuable connections with other local businesses, develop skills, and utilise academic research.

Ingenuity events are interesting and explore a wide range of skills that can be applied to my business model. From business stories, to legal advice, to discussions on intellectual property and branding, Ingenuity events always exchange relevant, valuable and stimulating information. They also enable businesses to network in a relaxed environment, and to gain some exposure in the industry.

The Ingenuity Network has had a great impact on my business. I’ve connected with active business owners from different sectors and industries in Nottingham, which has led me and my business to become more locally known. There’s a real strength that lies within being part of a wider community of local businesses and influential figureheads.

I believe any business with great goals can gain something from engaging with The Ingenuity Network. It comes highly recommended as a way to help you to succeed in business. It builds a bridge to connect and facilitate academia with business acumen. Ingenuity events also help you to understand what to expect when going into business in an insightful but also motivating and interesting manner.

As a business born out of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, Iran Sheen is constantly growing towards a better and brighter future. Of course, we will be borrowing a few tips from The Ingenuity Network to help us along the way!”

For more information, visit the Iran Sheen website, or the website of its umbrella company Elsedra. Iran Sheen also has social media channels on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, as well as an Etsy store.

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