Digital Manufacturing Training System for SME’s

Digital Manufacturing Training System for SMEs: manufacturing SMEs required.

Are you confused about digital manufacturing – also known as Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, factory of the future?

The University of Nottingham has recently secured funding to develop a Digital Manufacturing Training System for SMEs (Digit-T). Digit-T will create a coherent training system that provides an overview of Digital Manufacturing, helping SMEs understand what digital manufacturing is, the associated terminology, the expected benefits, and at identify application areas and use cases in
their own companies. A free online e-learning platform will be supplemented by an open access reference book.

The project is currently seeking companies to complete a short online survey to define the final content of the training system. It is hoped that many of the companies engaging in the survey will also choose to participate in the subsequent testing of the training programme and provide their feedback on the course. Incentives for strong engagement include early access to the training system and the opportunity to have case studies developed which directly address their individual needs.

Companies interested in participating in the project can access the online survey here: online survey. It is estimated that the survey will take 20-30 minutes to complete. At the end of the survey companies can indicate if they wish to engage further in the project.

About Digit-T project…
Digital Manufacturing Training System for SMEs (Digit-T) is a collaborative project led by the University of Nottingham in conjunction with AFIL (Ital), ITIA (Italy) and EURECAT (Spain). Co-funded by the Erasumus+ programme of the European Union, this 3 year programme will develop a coherent training system to support SMEs wishing to understand and implement digital manufacturing concepts in their own companies.

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Co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European UnionEuropean Union Flag