Did you over indulge during the Christmas Holidays?

Flyer about Body Aspect studyBody Aspect (a member of the Ingenuity network) is a local 3D Body Scanning company who are currently looking for participants for a study which is co-funded by InnovateUK. If you have a BMI of 30+, this is an opportunity to gain the motivation to eat more healthily and exercise with a view to losing weight. Participants have two 3D scans (three months apart) and then view a comparison of the scans which will illustrate differences in size and shape. Previous participants have felt this has been a more effective and meaningful measure of their starting point and their progress than weighing scales or photos.

Participants complete a questionnaire at each appointment. Don’t worry if you are not currently on a weight management programme, links to healthy eating and exercise advice will be provided. The 3D scanner uses harmless infra-red light and scans take place at Castle Cavendish Works in Radford. If you would like take part or know others who may be interested, contact Samantha Tema at Body Aspect on m: 07985 989601 or email sam@bodyaspect.co.uk.