David Davidson of Nosdivad Ltd

Member spotlight

Since it was established 10 years ago, The Ingenuity Network has grown into a thriving community of over 1800 individuals. Here, we feature examples of how some of those individuals have benefited from working with the University of Nottingham.

This month our featured member is David Davidson of Nosdivad Ltd.

Nosdivad Ltd is a low carbon equipment specialist dedicated to improving the efficiency of heating and power systems. They repair and maintain systems such as Solar thermal, bio mass, heat pump, wind and heat recovery from waste water.

We asked David about his company’s experience of the Ingenuity Breakfast events.

David said: “I joined the Ingenuity network 3-4 years ago through a recommendation by a colleague

“I like to come along to the Ingenuity events because of the mix of people I get to meet, not all are academics or have a degree, me included! I have had many different and interesting conversations at numerous events.

“I have attended a number of Ingenuity events, breakfast events and workshops, from which I have grown my knowledge of low carbon ideas and also grown my network. I have linked up with businesses which are now working with me and have introduced me to their external networks too. I look forward to continuing to attend events in the future

“I think that these events also open people’s eyes in terms of what else the university can offer to small businesses.

“I think the Ingenuity network has a good business model and can help SME’s and new businesses to grow in many ways.”