Creativity promotes business growth

On Monday 18th April, an intrepid group of local business leaders joined us for our latest Ingenuity KnowledgeXchange workshop, The Creative Crucible. Hosted by Gianluca Sergi from The University of Nottingham’s Department of Culture, Film and Media and Paul Kirkham from Nottingham University Business School, this session was about harnessing the power of creativity for business growth and innovation.

Creative CrucibleDrawing on research from the screen industries, Gianluca started the workshop with a game to warm up our creative brains. Working first as individuals, then as groups, we learned the art of creative compromise and collaboration as we came up with ideas for a new app. We were amazed at the range of ideas that emerged in just a short space of time, including apps for dog walkers, travelers and domestic gurus – all with a creative twist! Paul Kirkham went on to provide insights into innovation theory and entrepreneurship, followed by an exercise on ‘bounded creativity’ (or working with limited resources), something that many of us could certainly relate to.

We finished the day with a session on rewards and the importance of rewarding ourselves, our staff, our clients and collaborators – and not just in terms of financial incentives!

When asked to comment on what was most useful about the session, delegates said:

  • “Looking at entrepreneurship as a behaviour, not a personality!”
  • “It was a chance to look at my business from a completely different angle.”
  • “The trainers were excellent – it was so well presented and good to be able to relate theory to practical examples.”

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