Creating cultures for better business

In our penultimate Ingenuity breakfast session before the summer break, we welcomed Prof Sally Hibbert, from the Nottingham Business School, and Andy Corley, Managing Director of Quadralene to discuss ‘creating cultures for better business’.

In the first half of the presentation, Sally’s talk focussed on defining impacts and priorities for better business. First of all, businesses must identity impacts within the control of the company, define its priorities and set goals to achieve an ethical culture within their business. She explained that if a business adopts a sustainable environment, it leads to increased social performance. Successful corporate cultures are linked to strong core values about how to treat employees, customers, suppliers, and others. Moral reasoning is also important in working as a collective.

Creating cultures for better business

Sally went on to discuss the future of work, by explaining that talented potential employees are less likely to be attracted by just a promise of high earnings, like they were 10 years ago. There is a shift towards talent being attracted by company values and cultures and that companies are now trying to seek like-minded individuals.

The second half of the presentation was led by Andy, where he used real life examples to explain how to establish a sustainable culture within a business. Andy explained that a key component of improving corporate culture is having a strong leader that wants their employees to succeed within the business, but also develop as an individual. Good leadership needs to be seen in all parts of the organisation. Andy finished his presentation by pointing out that trust is the foundation of good relationships.

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