Contracts conquered by University of Nottingham’s School of Law

Richard Hyde, Associate Professor in The University of Nottingham’s School of Law, provided the latest welcome addition to Ingenuity’s programme of workshops for SMEs with his insightful session on contracts yesterday.

conqueringcontractsworkshopDealing with contracts is part and parcel of running a small business, but amidst the pressures of everyday business management, reviewing our terms and conditions of trade can often slip down the priority list.

Richard’s helpful session provided us with the time and space we needed to consider the type of things we should be including in our Ts and Cs – and looking out for in the Ts and Cs of others! Themes covered included:

  • Defining terms, parties and scope
  • Managing risk
  • Resolving disputes

Prior to becoming an academic, Richard was a Solicitor with Browne Jacobson LLP, where he worked in the commercial litigation team. His experience in both practice and academia is an auspicious combination; one that provided us with a range of real-world examples and insights. Looking at both B2B and B2C scenarios, Richard provided practical guidance to help us consider the strengths and weaknesses of our own contracts and really got us thinking about whether it was time to review our terms.

We left with a better understanding of what we should include and look out for in contracts and, in some cases, an intention to make some changes.

Delegates said:

“This overview was very helpful.”

“Very relevant for SMEs and a good format for networking and discussion.”

“It covered all aspects that SMEs need to consider when writing our contracts. It’s something that I assumed was necessary but too complex. This was made easy today!”