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Member spotlight

Since it was established 10 years ago, The Ingenuity Network has grown into a thriving community of over 1800 individuals. Here, we’ll be featuring examples of how some of those individuals have benefited from working with The University of Nottingham. This month our featured member is Colin Robbins of Qonex.

Colin Robbins is Qonex’s Managing ConsColin Robbinsultant. With specialised knowledge in Secure Information Exchange and Identity Systems, Colin acts as a Chartered Director for the company and is also the branch lead for the Nexor sponsored Institute of Information Security Professionals in the East Midlands.

Qonex is an East Midlands Based Cyber Security company, helping local businesses with the essentials of cyber security and is the consultancy branch of the wider organisation, Nexor. Qonex offers direction and advice to customers to systematically reduce the risk of cyber security breaches.

Colin’s role at Qonex in particular is interesting as he explained:

“My role at Qonex is twofold. First as managing consultant – helping our customers embrace new technology by helping them manage the cyber security risks, to deny hackers the opportunity to cause harm. Secondly, as Innovation Director, looking to bring new ideas and concepts to the market; in this role we have been engaging with the Horizon programme and The University of Nottingham to track the latest ideas and research.”

As part of the Ingenuity Network and as regular attendees of the Ingenuity breakfast events, Qonex have been able to help a vast network of customers to realise the risks associated with their online activities and prevent harm caused by cyber-attacks whilst expanding their own corporate knowledge base. On his relationship with The Ingenuity Network, Colin said:

“The main thing I have had of benefit, is the insight from the talks, leading to introductions to academics in the university, and other business development staff.”

He then went on to explain how introductions to University academics through The Ingenuity Network had helped his organisation:

“Following a talk from Dr Jonathan Tallant at The University of Nottingham on Philosophy, we have followed up and met with Jon to discuss the concept of “Trust”, a key concept in our business. From this meeting we have obtained a £5000 Innovation Voucher to enable Jon to undertake a project for us, exploring the concept of Trust and how it relates to business to business relationships in the cyber security field. I would recommend The Ingenuity Network to other business owners.”

For more information on Colin, visit Qonex’s website.

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