Briefed for success in video marketing

This month, 14 local businesses were given a unique opportunity to work with The University of Nottingham’s Gianluca Sergi – advisor and consultant to Emmy and Oscar winning organisations and filmmakers in Hollywood. Designed for companies planning to invest in commissioning video marketing, this three day programme titled Video Marketing: The Art and Business of the Creative Brief, guided participants through the development of a creative brief.


Gianluca set the scene for us on Day 1 with an introduction to what a creative brief is and how you write one by setting us a real-life example to work on. A creative brief is the first-stage document that businesses need to develop when commissioning a video about their company from an agency or their own marketing department. We soon began to realise that it was harder than we’d expected to define what the one key thing we wanted to communicate with our video would be and to specify our target audience.

On Day 2 our focus shifted inward as we started to write a creative brief for our own individual companies and organisations. We were becoming increasingly aware that this one document would guide everything else related to our video’s production, including the message, the audience and determining the ultimate success of the project. Gianluca provided an 8-question creative brief template which proved a helpful starting point as we started to consider what we would want our audience to think or do differently as a result of watching our video – and how we would define whether the video was successful or not.


The final day brought a change of gear as we turned words into actions and had a go at shooting some rudimentary video footage of our own. Gianluca gave us a whistle-stop tour of lighting, sound and framing. We then went out into the big wide world to scout locations and have a go for ourselves. At the end of the day we all had a new appreciation of just how important the creative brief is when commissioning video marketing – and how complex the process of film making really is. Video production can be a substantial investments for SMEs, so our newfound knowledge of the creative brief process will stand us in good stead to ensure that investment delivers the return we are looking for.

Delegates said:

“At first I was wondering if it was ‘just another marketing workshop’, but it has proved invaluable – one of the best courses for SMEs.”

“I now have some idea about all the different aspects that go into preparing and making a short video.”

“I will be more aware of what it is you are asking someone to do [when commissioning a video] and the length of time it takes.”

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