An attractive business breakfast session

Laura Hampton & Zsofia Toth

At our Ingenuity breakfast event on April 25th we considered why business attractiveness matters, and how we can make our businesses more attractive to customers and suppliers. The University’s Dr Zsofia Toth, Assistant Professor in Marketing, provided some research insights into these topics, while Laura Hampton, Digital Marketing Manager at Impression, gave us some practical ideas on using your website to make your business more attractive.

Zsofia suggested that your business’s attractiveness helps to increase partner organisations’ commitment, mobilise resources, gain referrals, and encourage partners to allocate their best people to your relationship. Financial considerations are important, but not sufficient for making a relationship desirable. The most attractive business relationships also have non-financial benefits, need little maintenance, have a strong relational fit, and are relatively new.

Laura explained that it is imperative for your business’s website to be attractive to Google; in searches, over 35% of clicks are on the first search result, while the second gets only 12%. Google determines your position broadly through your website content and the number of visitors your site gets. For both sides of this, your web pages need to be engaging, demonstrate a clear value proposition, and display trust signals such as accreditations and awards.

This warmly received session gained plaudits for the “introduction to a great concept” and for the “great mix of academia and industry”. We thank Zsofia and Laura for their engaging presentations, and anticipate eagerly our next breakfast session on June 6th, on Creating Cultures for Better Business.

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Zsofia Toth presenting