Andrea Rivlin | Far-UK

Member spotlight

Since it was established 10 years ago, The Ingenuity Network has grown into a thriving community of over 1800 individuals. Here, we’ll be featuring examples of how some of those individuals have benefited from working with The University of Nottingham. This month our featured member is Andrea Rivlin at Far-UK.

Andrea Rivlin PhotoAndrea Rivlin is Far-UK’s Communications Manager and is responsible for improving the company’s communications with the public and maintaining good relationships with customers. Andrea also ensures that information about the business reaches customers  and potential employees. 

Far-UK focuses on innovation and research into composite materials with a view to improving the design and manufacture of lightweight structural components, primarily for the automotive industry. Axon Automotive, Far-UK’s sister company, with its patented material, Axontex™, designs and produces prototype vehicles mostly for niche vehicle manufacturers.

Far-UK has worked closely with the University of Nottingham since it joined the Ingenuity Network in 2012. Speaking on their collaborative relationship Andrea said:

“We joined the Ingenuity Network when we started up business in UNIP (University of Nottingham Innovation Park). The business was set up in the Autumn of 2012 and took office space in the University in January 2013. As the growth continued the company moved to its own premises in Wilford, Nottingham in January 2014 and remains an active member of the Ingenuity Network.”

The benefits of joining the Network were very clear as Andrea explained:

“The opportunity to network with other businesses in the building and to learn from academic staff about the latest thinking in subjects that one might have dallied with while at University was invaluable and vital to a fledgling business in marketing and brand building.”

Andrea particularly highlighted the help of the Ingenuity networking events that Far-UK has been involved in and how events like these are a great platform for bringing together academics and small businesses:

“One of the other advantages of being at UNIP is the proximity to the academic community. As well as attending many of the Ingenuity breakfast meetings both my colleagues and I have attended several of the spin off workshops when they have been of particular interest to the business such as the one on story telling.

The Ingenuity network is a welcome opportunity to take a step out of the run of the normal day to learn something new or see a new perspective on an issue. You get to meet new people and make connections that may be of use in the future, if not immediately.

It is always worth spending an hour first thing in the morning learning something new or picking up a few ideas, maybe meeting a new contact. Also, there is the free breakfast…”

For more information on Andrea, visit Far-UK’s website.

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