A story to be told

Local Businesses learn how to tell their ‘Stories for the Future’ with Dr Esther Eidinow and Prof Katharina Lorenz

Kat and Esther

Dr Esther Eidinow and Prof Katharina Lorenz from The University of Nottingham’s Department of Classics took to the stage this month for their story-telling workshop, where they used their knowledge of Ancient Greek story-telling methods to engage with businesses on how to improve and sharpen their own business story.

We welcomed 20 delegates from a wide range of businesses to this popular workshop (part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund) titled Stories for the Future, at which Esther and Katharina gave some interesting insights into why stories are powerful tools for thinking about the future.

The beginning, middle and end…

To set the scene, the day began with a round of introductions where we were asked in pairs to introduce each other in a stylish story-telling manner. Esther and Katharina spoke about how stories can help overcome future challenges within a business, leading to our delegates thinking about where their company will be in 10 years and how they would get there.

We travelled back in time to Ancient Greece and looked at the techniques the Greeks used in thinking about their future. The Ancient Greeks asked questions about their future to an oracle, which prompted us to think about the questions we would ask and what answers would the oracle give. Esther and Katharina then asked us to think about the challenges our business might face in the future, e.g. competition, new ventures, innovation and ethics, and finding the cost and benefit to each challenge.

After a coffee or two, we moved on to think about the tools needed to sharpen our story-telling skills. Esther and Katharina explained that a good story has to have clear structure with a strong plot. Our delegates thought of their situation within the business world, a challenge which may complicate the future of their business and a possible resolution.Story telling

Using our new story-telling skills, our delegates told their story for the future in a storyboard format. Each produced the story of their chosen challenge and all the completed storyboards were displayed in ‘The Gallery’ for reflection. We left equipped with some story-telling tools, inspired by Ancient Greece and some newfound confidence about our future – a fantastic result at the end of a brilliant day.

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