A positively received workshop, on positivity!

Our latest Ingenuity workshop took place on the 17th April and focused on ‘Promoting Positive Interactions at Work’. This event was a partnership between the University of Nottingham and NCVS, with a view to engaging community and voluntary sector organisations on how to deal with aggression in the work place.

Dr Claire Lawrence, Associate Professor in the University’s School of Psychology, was our speaker for this session. Claire started the morning with a discussion around the organisations’ responsibilities and the Health and Safety laws that are enforced in the workplace.

Claire then went on to introduce some psychological models and principles around aggression, including Anderson & Bushman’s General Model of Aggression. She explained that there are many factors that can lead to aggressive behaviour. Some are about the person themselves: the absence or presence of certain chemicals in their brain, experience of traumatic brain injury, traits such as narcissism.

However, environmental factors can cause people to act aggressively: pain, heat, noise, crowding. Interpersonal factors can also play a role including whether the person feels they have been insulted, humiliated or rejected.

We discussed different forms of aggression:

  • Displaced – when it is not feasible to retaliate against the main target
  • Legitimate – state sanctioned aggression (e.g. war, capital punishment)

Claire then outlined the ways to reduce the risks of violence by trying to eliminate the triggers and ensure your physical environment is controlled.

Delegates highly praised the session, commenting:

‘Thought provoking session’

‘Really interesting and useful workshop’

‘Great presentation which was very well delivered’

 If you missed out on this occasion, don’t worry! You can check out our full programme on the events page of our website and do sign up for some of our upcoming events. Our next business networking event will be a breakfast event session on Tuesday 24th April, so join us to connect with new businesses over breakfast!