A bumper month for Ingenuity Events – Creativity, Marketing and Productivity!

It has been an extremely busy month here at Ingenuity HQ as we continue to provide local businesses with access to some of the fantastic expertise here at the University of Nottingham. With such a broad range of research going on at the University, there really is a wealth of knowledge that we can tap into to help local businesses to innovate and grow.

Members of The Ingenuity Network will know that one of the main ways we try to share our academic knowledge is through our programme of Ingenuity breakfast events and workshops, and September has certainly been a bumper month. We were delighted to welcome two new speakers to the Ingenuity programme as well as one familiar face.


Creativity to grow your business

To kick off our busiest month to date, we had Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Rachel Lamb deliver a workshop on the importance of creativity. The session outlined stimulating creativity in your business, allowing creative ideas to develop, testing your ideas in the real world and maintaining momentum in the business world. Rachel drew on her expertise of working in industry which really resonated with the delegates – they didn’t even want to break for lunch! – and gave them practical tips to take away and work on within their businesses.

One delegate said: “I had my eyes opened to not accepting the first solution that springs to mind but also not to reject ideas too early.”


Spreadable marketing skills shared

Our second workshop was back by popular demand with Dr Cathy Johnson and Professor Paul Grainge from the Department of Culture, Film and Media. Cathy and Paul explored the importance of spreadable marketing as research shows that people spend on average of 10.7 hours a day with content, so it is important to get it right. The main topics were thinking about your customers as an audience, developing content ideas for said audience and then distributing it successfully via the right channels and at the right times.

One delegate commented: “This session has sparked ideas for developing content that people will want to share and watch to the end! It has given me lots of inspiration.”


How do we solve the productivity problem?

Last but not least our third event of the month saw a couple of new faces to the Ingenuity Network floor. Professor Richard Kneller, School of Economics, teamed up with Matthew Wheatley, Growth Plan Manager for D2N2 LEP to discuss the problem with productivity in our region and tips to work on to solve it. Richard outlined what productivity is and why it is so important. Matthew then followed up with information and statistics around the D2N2 area and why local productivity is below national average.


And there’s more coming up!


There are more Ingenuity events coming up, providing more opportunities for local businesses to benefit from the brilliant research going on across the University. Do check out our events page for all the latest listings. We look forward to seeing you at future Ingenuity events!