The impact of AI on business – 26th Sept 2017

Ingenuity KnowledgeXchange Breakfast Event


Twenty years ago most companies were in ‘Internet denial’, with little comprehension of how radically the world-wide web was about to transform business practice. Today, while most companies have embraced the web, few have begun to appreciate how artificial intelligence (AI) is set to have at least as great an impact as the Internet, with ‘AI denial’ being rampant.

In this breakfast session, our favourite professional futurist, Christopher Barnatt, returns to explore how AI is set to alter our lives and organisations. In as little as five years, most online transactions could be conducted via AI interfaces, whilst an increasing number of customer service and professional jobs will start to be automated. All companies therefore need to get up to speed with AI — and fast.

Our Ingenuity Network regulars often tell us that Chris Barnatt’s future-gazing sessions are one of the highlights of the Ingenuity breakfast event calendar, so don’t miss what promises to be another fascinating session.

Our speaker

ChrisBarnattChris Barnatt
Professional Futurist and Lecturer for Nottingham University Business School

Christopher Barnatt has been a professional futurist for over 20 years, and runs and their associated YouTube channels. He has published twelve books and numerous articles, with over 200 contributions to broadcast, print and online media around the globe. As a keynote speaker, he delivers presentations for a wide range of clients in sectors including financial services, grocery, healthcare and the arts. Since leaving the University in 2015, he has continued to teach for Nottingham University Business School on both undergraduate and MBA modules, as well as contributing to executive education programmes run by the Business School for Tarmac.

The programme

07:45 – 08:10       Registration, breakfast and networking
08:10 – 08:15       Welcome and introductions
08:10 – 09:00       Keynote
09:00 – 09:10       Q&A
09:10 – 09:30       The Shop Window
09:30…                  Networking – for those that want to stay on

State Aid

This event is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 and is part of the Enabling Innovation Programme. This event is classed as State Aid to participating businesses, the value of which is £100, but is delivered completely free of charge to participants.

The ‘Shop Window’

The Shop Window is your chance to take the floor to make a brief presentation to the room about something you are looking for help with.

From the University? If you have a business-facing project or want to work with local small and medium-sized businesses as part of your research, this is your opportunity to make contact with business owners. Our network members are already interested in what happens at the University and may be interested in participating with your initiative.

From a business? Sorry, but the Shop Window isn’t the time for a “60 second pitch”. Feedback from our network members tells us that our businesses want something different from Ingenuity. But it is your opportunity to do some research of your own: request volunteers for new product or service trials, ask if anyone has any recommendations for difficult-to-find suppliers, or simply share some news that the audience might not find out about otherwise.

If you would like to participate in the Shop Window just drop us a line.

The venue

Sir Colin Campbell Building, Triumph Road, Nottingham, NG7 2TU

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