Building Better Business Workshop – 22nd June 2017

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Why should a business adopt sustainable and responsible practices? In an increasingly competitive marketplace, what’s ‘in it’ for SMEs?

If you ask any small business owner whether they’d like their organisation to be more sustainable and responsible, the answer would probably be yes. After all, we all like the idea of a fairer society and a more sustainable future, don’t we? So what holds us back? Do we fear that it’s going to cost us too much financially? That the issues are too big for us to address? Or maybe we just don’t know where to start.

Sustainable and responsible business actually makes good business sense for SMEs. It can; enhance brand image through positive publicity, act as a differentiation strategy to increase market share, reduce staff turnover by strengthening employee morale, cut costs by reducing waste, and act as a driver for innovation.

This free workshop will explore how leading businesses are becoming increasingly innovative in their creative use of resources to create long term viable, sustainable and responsible business models and how you can do them same.

Event details

Date: Thursday 22nd June 2017
Venue: The Sir Colin Campbell Building, Jubilee Campus, The University of Nottingham, NG7 2TU
Time: 9.30am – 4.00pm

Course leader

paulDr Paul Caulfield
Director of the Nottingham MBA, Nottingham University Business School

Paul’s academic work is built upon experience gained in Strategic Planning and Corporate Responsibility with BP, where he was responsible for European strategic planning and for community investment and engagement strategy focusing on improving sustainable interventions. Prior to joining BP, he held senior roles in strategic business development, focusing on business modelling and venture finance for major European and US banks. He has operational experience of MNC and NGO operations in the developing world covering sustainable business development and capability building in Angola, Russia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

State Aid

This event is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020. This event is classed as State Aid to participating businesses, the value of which is £379, but is delivered completely free of charge to participants.

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