Antimicrobial Resistance Conference – 7th & 8th September 2017

Bridging the Gaps: Systems-level approaches to antimicrobial resistance

Superbugs will kill more than cancer by 2050, so how can we prepare for resistance?

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is significant and growing challenge. AMR occurs when microbes develop defences against the drugs which are designed to kill or reduce them. Multi-drug resistant bacteria are being discovered with accelerated frequency and the increase in AMR is a global concern. Without taking urgent action we risk infections which cannot be treated, threatening global human and animal health, agriculture and the wider environment.

‘Bridging the Gaps’ is a programme of activities at the University of Nottingham which aims to further the understanding of AMR in real world interactions and drive new research in this area. Local businesses are invited to join us for for this free two-day conference where you can meet world-leading researchers in the field and explore this pressing issue that affects us all.

Event details

Date: Thursday 7th and Friday 8th September 2017
Venue: A14, Pope Building, University Park, The University of Nottingham

This two day event starts with registration from 9.00am on Thursday 7th September, includes a networking reception event on the Thursday evening, and concludes on Friday 8th September before 5.00pm.

To register

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