University of Nottingham’s local business network.

“Ingenuity – the process of applying new/innovative ideas to solve problems or meet challenges”

Ingenuity is also the route in to The University of Nottingham specifically for small and medium-sized businesses who want to find out how a relationship with the University can help them.

Ingenuity activities are designed to bring business into contact with the resources, knowledge and experience of this world-class, research-led university.

Through the Ingenuity site you can tap into:

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  • European Union investments with added boost for Small Businesses July 1, 2015
    Commission gives green light to €3.6 billion EU Structural fund investments with added boost for small business in England. The European Commission adopted today the England Operational Programme for 2014-2020, worth 6.5 billion euro with 3.6 billion euro coming from the European Regional Development Fund. Investment will focus on research and innovation, supporting small and […]






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Ingenuity KnowledgeXchange

A workshop for East Midlands SMEs Any business owner's worst nightmare is realising that there isn't enough cash to pay existing and impending bills. Short term survival means finding cash from somewhere and quickly, but long term survival involves working out [...]
Wed, Jul 08, 2015
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The UK government has an ambition to grow a £30 billion space industry by 2030 and are making an extra investment of over £200 million in Europe's space programme ( 2014). How can your business benefit from this? Our workshop will [...]
Wed, Jul 08, 2015
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